We offer unique lash and brow treatments including Dolly Lashes which lift and tint the natural lashes to leave a perfect mascara look and Mii Brows to help you get your perfect individually shaped and styled brow.


(Please bear in mind a patch test needs to be done 24 hours in advance for these treatments.) 

Dolly Lashes                                                                                                           £36

Lift and tint the natural lashes to leave a perfect mascara look.




  Brows by Mii

Whether you require a quick tidy or a total transformation,

Brow by Mii offers a bespoke treatment tailored to you


   Design Mii                                                                                                              £30.00

This bespoke eyebrow treatment begins with an in-depth consultation, followed by tinting,

waxing,shaping and finishing. Whether your eyebrows are in need of nurturing,refining or

just a little TLC, Brow by Mii is the perfect treatment to achieve the look you desire

Maintain Mii                                                                                                   £26.00

The ideal treatment to maintain your perfect brows following a Design mii treatment.

Includes Consultation,tinting,waxing,shaping and finishing.


Express Mii                                                                                                                £18.00

This service includes the above Tint and Tidy but with the added benefit of a wax.

This is perfect if your happy with the shape but  there are more than just a few stray hairs 

Eyebrow Tint and Tidy                                                                                                £16.00

Enhance your brows with a semi-permanent tint. Your therapist will expertly blend shades

to achieve the perfect colour and tweeze any unwanted stray hairs   

Eyebrow Shape                                                                                                        £10.00

Our expert therapist will define and shape using Mii's professional sculpting wax. 




Eyelash tint                                                                                                                 £12.50


Lash and brow tint & Brow shape                                                                               £22.50

Brows by mii.jpg